3 Interesting and Original Opportunities for Marketers

3 Interesting and Original Opportunities for Marketers

One of the many hats that I wear is being a partner of a representation firm; that means we pick technologies and services that we think are innovative and cool, and we have our sales and marketing teams help them thrive. We limit our involvement to just those we have vetted and tested - currently that is Edison Interactive, Userfarm and Fresh Trading Desk. Contact me using the form on this site if you want to learn more.

1. Edison Interactive

Edison have 20,000 interactive screens in the back of taxis, Ubers and Lyfts around the world. When I worked in media at iCrossing, Chango and Rubicon Project, I always told my clients not to advertise on such screens because they were low quality, rarely ever worked, and just gave an overall negative impression.

Edison have designed new high definition screens that are interactive and have wifi hotspots built in, as well as USB ports for charging devices. Customer feedback has been so good that the brands who have signed up are having a positive experience.

They have picked Denver for the first batch of 500 new screens, with the remaining to be installed over the coming 9-12 months. We have a mix of local advertisers, as well as national brands who want to test here before following us for the national rollout.

We charge a lot like digital - load up an account, and then take a payment only when an ad is shown to a real person, validated with a camera in the screen.

2. Userfarm (http://userfarm.com)

Super excited about this one! Userfarm have created a way for brands to get high quality video from crowd-sourced competitions. The videos are ideal for social and online, but many have also been used for TV ads too. 

They are huge in Europe, and are starting to make a splash here in the US and Canada. You use them if you need high quality, fully produced, original videos for almost any purpose. We have found that buyers are brands direct and agencies.

I was a little skeptical, but was convinced when I watched a series of videos produced for Knorr cooking sauces. I was sat with the founder of Userfarm in Miami a few weeks ago with a tear in my eye watching a grandma and grandson cooking together! And it was a vertical video! Many brands like a mix of horizontal and vertical now given the consumer's growing preference for video.

Contact me to get a demo or a meeting, or just to learn more.

3. FRESH Trading Desk (FRESHTradingDesk.com)

Last but not least, I am a partner in FRESH. We have access to most buying platforms for digital media, especially a lot of video inventory, and we offer no fuss, transparent media buys to suit most needs.

We are ideal for budget holders with a one-off campaign, or for those that know what they need and know that doesn't require someone sneaking a 40% markup. No brainer.

Get in touch with your campaign needs.

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