Introducing The Online Safety Group

As the co-founder of 3 awesome daughters, I am very passionate about their safety. But as the current generation of parents, we are going through a brand new set of challenges, driven by access to the internet, and to tech devices. For that reason, and having got the summer off from the  Chango / Rubicon acquisition, I created the

Online Safety Group

The Online Safety Group has a simple mission - to help parents to help their kids stay safe online. The idea started simply enough with a few articles and community discussions, but quickly grew into a passionate community, and even a book "How To Protect Your Kids Online".

If you read this blog, the chances are you are involved in the tech or web industries, and probably feel like you have a solid grasp on what's going on. For you

I recommend a couple of our recent articles

that might just one day make a critical difference to you or someone in your family.

(FYI - As a do-er and marketer, building this project was a lot of fun. It was somewhat organic but makes good use of tools such as IFTTT, Squarespace, MailChimp, Unbounce, Fiverr, UpWork etc, so watch out for a future post on how to bring something like this together.)