The Big Bang Behind "Project"

A few months ago one of my daughters told me that she really liked watching The Big Bang Theory. Normally it would be nice for a father and daughter to share an interest, but the problem was that she is only ten years old, and I didn’t feel that the show was appropriate for her. I talked to other parents about this and realized that there is no resource where parents can get guidance from others about what age really is old enough.

AreTheyOldEnough is that place where parents can rate shows and movies, with music and video game to come in the future. And I got the answer I was looking for, the average rating for the Big Bang Theory from UK parents was a conservative 12.8, and a more accepting 11.5 from their US counterparts.

Come to


and pick a show, confirm who you are (to cut down on spam) with Facebook, Twitter or Google and then tell us what age you think is right. Click through the other shows and give us as many ratings as you would like, we want to hear what you think.

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