It's Too Late To Complain About Google Glasses

I dont get it, I really do not. There are so many people knocking the arrival of consumer-ready augmented reality devices like Google Glass, trying to create a movement against them like it's Google's latest way to destroy the fabric of society.

What is it with this bullshit? Glass is simply one interpretation of the next wave of technology innovation that will change society forever. Like it or not it's here already and the quantity of people using it will only grow whether the naysayers like it or not. In the past I have predicted the segregation of society globally between the 'augmented' and the 'reality'ists' and I firmly believe that's what is coming.

If you don't get it yet, let me back up for a moment.

Augmented reality is the idea that reality is supplemented somehow with additional or alternative data. Google Glass aims to layer over your view of the world with your email, with useful data about where you are, with maps etc, but the data really can be anything. Augmented reality can replace reality in its entirety if you wish and replace it with your own.

That is amazing.

Imagine checking into a hotel and it looks how you want it to look, imagine being in a business meeting and you have access to every piece of data you want, imagine being anywhere and having secret access to the Internet whenever you needed it.... the possibilities are only limited by YOUR imagination.

And technology moves fast. It's Glass now, and Samsung will probably follow next with their own version, but beyond them it's contact lenses, and beyond those it's retinal implants. Given I am sat with a beer right now on my patio in the warm evening sun, I don't have the inclination or energy to justify that statement - just do me the honor of remembering my ramblings when you see it become real.

So roll the clock forward and now everyone has access to every piece of data they might want, whenever they want it. And they can tune you out and watch cat videos. And they can record you.

It's creepy as hell but there is zilch you can do to stop it. It exists in the military today, and it will exist in society before my young daughters finish their teenage years.

The biggest question you have to ask yourself is which side do you want to be on - the augmented, or the reality'ists?

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