Interesting facts about Twitter from presentation at SES London #SESLON

I am in London this week for Chango at #SESLON and went in to listen to the keynote speaker from Twitter before my own presentation. Jotted these facts down, some interesting stuff about what's going on at Twitter. Note that they rightfully picked a UK focus to some of these facts given the audience.

  • Twitter describe themselves as 'the pulse of the planet'
  • Twitter is "the shortest distance between you and what interests you most"
  • 1bn tweets every 2.5 days globally
  • 80% of UK twitter users access via mobile, in US it's 55%
  • 95% of discussion about TV programs takes place on Twitter
  • 60% use Twitter whilst engaging with TV
  • 40% of all Twitter traffic at peak time is about TV
  • During a reality show in the Uk, a contestant called her song #beerfear, and generated 28k tweets in 2 minutes
  • 50% of SuperBowl ads this year had a hashtag in them; Mercedes had a great campaign in October too with a very successful use of the tag #youdrive to promote their campaign
  • Also referenced the Oreo cookie ad during the blackout of the SuperBowl and picked up 14,000 RTs - allowed for an instant ad campaign
  • 140 characters came about because it fit into a single SMS message, now they say it's part of their ethos of constrained publishing
  • The guy who jumped from space for Red Bull had a pedal under his foot allowing him to tweet live during the process
  • Interesting example of how O2 (UK's second largest cell network) are very close to the edge in their social media activities, but are winning big because of this in this specific market - some of these get 5k retweets
  • Talked about Amex Sync as a way to 'reduce the friction to buy things'
  • Discussed how businesses can use their ad platform by conquesting followers of your competitors
  • O2 link their cell accounts to users' twitter accounts allowing them to measure LTV (life time value), but Twitter don't know what that data shows as of yet
  • Photos are RT'ed more than videos, or anything else
  • Audience member challenged speaker that Twitter has become less democratic, and is now brand safe to support their ad business, example was recent Burger King incident. Twitter responded very well saying that advertising is important to them and say they have taken steps to be more brand safe, but remain open.

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