BMW mock the UK horsemeat scandal with great ad

I am back in London this week for #SESLON, speaking about retargeting / remarketing, as well as a couple of topics on Programmatic Marketing and Big Data (see '

Why Programmatic Marketing and Big Data Actually Matter

' to learn more about these terms).

Anyhow, saw this ad on the back of the newspaper. Right now in England there is a really strange story that horsemeat has been found in most products that said they were actually beef.

The reaction has been predictable - outrage - but it feels like it is not for any rational reason, and more because the media told people they should be outraged. Oh well. There is nothing wrong with horsemeat, and in fact I ate it on more then one occasion whilst in France. A presenter on BBC radio made a very funny comment that 'half the tweets they are getting about the horse meat scandal are outrage, and the other half are from members of the public asking where they can buy horsemeat if it's so damn cheap!'.

Anyway, BMW did a great job of capitalizing on this story, and executed brilliantly with this full-page ad on the back of a newspaper. Tip of the hat to whoever had the idea, and also to BMW for having a working culture that means an idea like this isn't killed in the boardroom, or through procrastination.

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