I almost vomited on a prospect yesterday #MediaSales

Was with a great prospective client yesterday, talking about something that I really want to get done with them, and showing a new sales guy the ropes. It was certainly a meeting that I wanted to go well :)

So 2 hours before the pitch starts I fly in and meet my new colleague for lunch. Seems a good place, I have what seems like a quality burger and all seems well. We work from the restaurant for another hour and head over to the meeting.

On the walk I start to get the sweats, the stomach is spinning like a washing machine and the world is being very annoying by making straight lines bend at random moments. The sidewalk just won't lie still damn it, it's about a billion degrees in the Seattle January, and I feel I am going to see my lunch again.

We meet and greet and make smalltalk with the client whilst waiting for their colleagues to vacate the conference room. I had to excuse myself and make the sickliest sweet coffee I have ever drunk - if I had put a straw in it, it would have stood up straight and stayed there! I notice their office is somewhat annoying as it is spinning around and around and around and I just wish they would switch it off.

I made the decision to stay, but politely told the prospect I felt terrible, had suspected food poisoning etc, and that please don't feel me rude if I get up and leave suddenly. We begin, and I am clenching everything I have got. The clients are super cool, really intelligent and hit me with interesting questions, which always makes this more fun, but there were a few that I barely heard and can't quite remember what my answers were. As I launch into the closing statements, the adrenalin is seeing me through, my stomach is under strictest orders not to show everyone what the offending meal consisted of and I haven't burped at them once.

90 minutes flies by, as do the walls and the empty chairs, and I walk out proudly keeping my "never vomited or pooped in a client's conference room" scout badge intact.


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