Big news - Chango gets direct Facebook access, brings search to social

Big news over at Chango towers this morning! Thanks to us being the 2nd largest source of search data in the US, with more data than Yahoo! or Bing in a month, advertisers can now target facebook users based on their searches on those engines, but within the Facebook environment.

Unlike Facebook Marketplace ads, the Facebook Exchange (FBX) ads do not use any data from an individuals user profile, and instead the advertiser must bring their own data to determine who to target and at what value. Our clients use us primarily for prospecting, and what better combination for that than crazy strong search intent data, and the media opportunity that FBX represents.

Further, we have a number of extremely large publisher clients that utilize our platform directly to monetize their own inventory and / or data, and they can now extend their campaigns across FBX on behalf of their advertisers. As the only platform that combines a DSP and DMP with real-time targeting, (a Programmatic Marketing Platform) our clients will be using search data that is just seconds old when making these purchasing decisions.

FBX represents a challenge for some advertisers in that their preferred ad format is not a standard IAB unit, and so many advertisers simply don't have access to appropriate units ready to go. As a result we have had to add a full-service creative production team to our arsenal, and will now produce the required units for our clients. It isn't a difficult thing to do, but makes a big difference for those clients who wouldn't ordinarily have the resources to make this happen.

And thanks to their new View Tags offering, advertisers can track how their campaigns are performing - they won't be able to serve the ads with their preferred ad server yet, but they can at least piggyback a conversion pixel and track conversions.

I almost vomited on a prospect yesterday #MediaSales

Wow, so the 'Kessler Effect' is pretty damn serious!