"2LO calling" - the moment BBC radio went live 90 years ago

I just listened to a

very special podcast by BBC Radio 2

, hosted by veteran broadcaster, Simon Mayo - and with all honesty and pride, I can tell you that the hairs are standing right up on the back of my neck and the chills are running down my spine.

90 years ago on the 14th November 1922, BBC radio was born. The first message was transmitted from an amazing and groundbreaking piece of technology called


(pictured here). On that day, London received a single radio signal, followed the next day by a transmission to the whole of the UK.

In the podcast they play a modern day mashup recording to celebrate the moment, and it includes the original bongs of Big Ben, as well as the infamous words "

This is 2LO, the London station of the British Broadcasting Company calling. 2LO calling.

" During the broadcast of 14th November 2012, Simon Mayo noted that "

for the first time in the BBCs history, all its radio stations are joining together to broadcast the same thing at the same time.


Wow. Just think about how far we have come in terms of technology in those short 90 years. Today BBC radio is broadcast in 27 languages on FM, AM, MW, DAB and streamed live online. For many ex-Empire countries, and beyond, it is the single voice they hear in a day, it is their image and connection to Great Britain and often the way individuals first learn English.

We may have gadgets like iPads today, but radio remains a critical and enjoyable part of millions of people's lives, and it is worth pausing to listen to this broadcast and hear how it all started.

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