They are just pixels!

Nothing like a long weekend to help regain a sense of reality, and step out of the weeds of work. It's a big thing for me, trying to get back that sense of perspective. It is so easy to forget about reality outside of a starttup, this alternate reality that is in your thoughts constantly, being nurtured mentally and emotionally just like a child would be.

But the reality is we deal with pixels. We might push those pixels around in different ways for different purposes, but we are pushing pixels.

About 18 months ago I wrote a piece on how 'we are not saving babies' and gave several pieces of advice for how to disengage and use technology to your benefit, rather than it being there to your detriment. I revisited that this morning and realized I had fallen back into some of my old habits.

Focus on what's really important, and if you do, the work stuff will actually get done quicker and with a better result.

$6k for a pixel... welcome to 2012

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