$6k for a pixel... welcome to 2012

A new client for search retargeting told us today that they will have an issue placing the conversion pixel on their site. Pixel problems are not new, but this wasn't for the usual reasons of page load concerns or lack of IT commitment to marketing.

This was because of cost, an astronomical cost!

The client's web agency scoped the project for placing a pixel on the conversion page and decided it is a 36 hour project, which in turn will cost them $6.000.....

I was just chatting with a candidate I was interviewing about this conundrum, and even in our wildest imaginations we failed to come up with a 36 hour project scope:

An engineer - 2 hours

The engineer's boss to check the engineer did it right - 1 hour

A QA team of 3 people, for 2 hours each - 6 hours

An Account Manager to be on the phone - 1 hour

A finance person to generate the invoice - 1 hour

Drinks and karaoke to celebrate the project for 3 hours each - 21 hours

Total: 32 hours....

So we still are 4 hours short. Hangover time??

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They are just pixels!