The complete "Exposed" white paper series now available

The complete Chango 'Exposed' white paper series is now available at

. Now before you roll your eyes and groan at the thought of having to read 4 whole white papers, I will make you a guarantee. If you find them dull or worthy of a cure for insomnia, I will come and personally buy you a beer to make up for it :)

Being sane, I too hate reading dull documents and so with these I tried to make them short and valuable, and included ideas such as 'cheat notes' that give you everything you need in a single page. Read one page, sound smart.

The 4 white papers are:

Retargeting Exposed: Not Another Whitepaper About Retargeting!

Whilst retargeting is a common term, very few marketers really understand what it actually is. This paper describes the background and basics to retargeting, as well as introduce the idea of Search Retargeting as a tool for prospecting.

View-Through Attribution Exposed: What 'last touch' isn't telling you

Very few marketing topics get me fired up as much as this one, and so when another prospect said they wanted to discuss it, I locked myself away for a night with a pot of Blue Bottle (try it if you haven't!) and wrote this document to help address the issue. You can also read summaries on

Search Engine Land

and on



Search Retargeting Barometer: Why marketers are paying attention

So Search Retargeting is now a mainstream tactic for the smart marketer. But who is using, for what purpose and with what budget? In association with


, Chango has published the first barometer on the subject, built from the responses of real marketers.

Retargeting for Retailers Exposed: Driving More Dollars

Retailers are the biggest investors in retargeting, but are missing big opportunities. Learn why, and hear from real marketers including Tory Lerner @ Booyah Advertising, Candice Hahn @ iCrossing, Jeremy Jacobs @ Waitrose (UK), Jeff Campbell @ Resolution Media and Scott Grossman @ BrightTag.

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