My latest on SEL is about transparency, cheats and knowing your shit

My latest piece was published today on Search Engine Land entitled "

Four Things You Need to Know About Search Retargeting

". Whilst this was the sensible choice of title given I wanted it to be published, I actually wanted it to be called 'insist on transparency... and no douche bags' !

Exchange buying is an awesome invention and has changed digital advertising forever. But it is also severely misunderstood and leaves the door open for douche bags to take advantage of those that dont know their shit.

I regularly help marketers by answering questions about their media plans, partner tactics and how this general eco system fits together - if you feel you are being left exposed by not knowing what's really going on that magical, fantastical vendor algorithm then drop me a line, happy to help if I can.

Inside the post (“brand-agency-vendor relationships” on iMedia) - the angry R-rated version

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