Service in our industry #sucks

What is it with digital marketing? Why are service levels so bad, and why does it seem so wildly accepted? I remember when I was on the agency side and was growing a media team, the flow of sloppy emails, crappy presentations and a whole ton of bullshit from vendors and publishers seemed never ending. We would get proposals from companies with spelling errors, other agencys' logos on them and no thought put into them at all. The most mental investment the sales person must have committed was whether the logo went on the left or the right.

We developed the attitude that 'if you don't care about us, then we sure as hell don't care about you'. Don't stand for it people, expect and demand more. Much, much more.

When I made the switch to the [dark] vendor side, I swore that we would not be the same, Chango would be grown into an organisation that really cared about our customers, and we would be a partner, not a vendor.

Listening to our search retargeting clients, we have achieved just that, and I love it. We have client services people who care as much about a client saying we rock as we do about the CPA. We constantly strive to deliver unexpected surprises and have our unique ways of doing it.

Getting this right isn't hard as such, but it is a culture, an attitude. You can't 'teach' it, but you can 'grow' it.

I won't claim Chango gets 100% of campaigns right first time (this is media after all, so let's not talk BS and say it works for everyone, every day) but we do get 95% of them right, and in those few cases when a client doesn't hit CPA, they always tell us it was a pleasure working with us and they learnt something.

Digital marketing is fun (have you seen Dirty Jobs??), make sure you enjoy it and only work with people who care enough to know that the logo should always go on the left :)

And while we're at it, your PowerPoint #sucks too

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