Addictive entertainment - live search queries

I am up in the


offices in Toronto this week, and we just activated a screen on the wall for our party that shows live search queries hitting our systems. With more than 5 billion a month, and 100,000 queries per second on media impressions, this is an amazing technology.

It is the live search terms that are addictive though! Sat here over the last 5 minutes I can see 'society' seeking everything from coupons, to naked celebrities, music lessons, vacation deals, the best french press, kinky things to do in bed and how to write a novel! If you have to Google it either of those latter searches, perhaps they are not your strength!

Some of my other favorites whilst sat here:

how to check if my yeast is active

how to attach paper mache to a tree

nervous job interview

squatter rights new york city

make a fake plastic city

13 year old boys normal height

time fertilizing an apple tree

how do you break up with someone you love

how to open standard wooden chest without key

become a freight forwarder

and the utterly intriguing "how to start a cemetery" !

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