Have you started search retargeting yet?

Over the last few weeks I have been watching with great interest as we have launched and optimized a series of search retargeting campaigns for major brands, including a lot of known retailers. What is interesting is the results - the CTRs are nothing short of spectacular, ranging from 0.1 to over 1% on certain words!

Having built its own RTB technology, Chango optimizes each keyword with each site / creative / time of day etc, considering multiple data points at any moment. That anti-segment approach means every situation is treated differently and that's what generates the results.

The term 'clothing deals' for instance running on a coupon site might generate a 0.2% CTR, but place an ad to those searchers when they are on a video site between 3:30 and 5:30pm on a weekday and it gets a 1% CTR.

What has also been interesting is the realisation of more marketers that search retargeting is different - it is not a quick campaign technique, it is also a long term solution to deliver consistent returns and make SEM work a lot harder. The future will be that all marketers will accept the essential tools for any campaign are not just SEM and SEO, but also Search Retargeting (SeRT) and Site Retargeting (SRT).

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