Big News: EU 'reverses' stance on requiring cookies to be opt-in

I always love a chance to break out this image of the cookie monster boiling dough on a heroin spoon, who wouldn't!

Are cookies evil? No!

As I wrote about in November 2009 (

EU Passes Cookie Law - Opt-in Required

) the EU had decided they were very evil and were to be stamped out with a strange, industry-killing law requiring them all to be opt-in.

Oh those crazy Europeans! (I get to say that, I'm one of them)

Well I have pushed and pushed to find clarification on what each member state in Europe was going to do to implement this law, never really to find an answer. It seems neither could they, and the whole thing is unraveling somewhat.


reported in the WSJ

this week a secret memo has surfaced (and without the help of Wikileaks) that reveals they don't so much care about a forced opt-in anymore. "Settings of a browser or another application" seem to now be sufficient.

This is good and bad.

It's good because as an industry we can focus on


some more and find a more suitable and less damaging way forward, but it is bad for consumers in that the EU is back to square one in some ways.

The uncertainty continues.

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