Real or fake? (Or 'Cricket can be fun')

We know people love a good conspiracy theory (the grassy knoll, the tunnel in Paris, who stole all the W keys from the White House computers for the incoming Bush administration...) and so perhaps it is no surprise that marketing videos are often looked upon with skepticism. The latest two to grace our (multi) screens are offerings from Brylcreem and Gillette - being competitors adds further fuel to the fire.

First up we have Roger Federer performing an outstanding trick shot, knocking a beer bottle off the head of someone after a photo shoot had come to an end.

And then along come Brylcreem with a story too similar to seem real - at the end of a video shoot for the upcoming Ashes series (Americans - the Ashes are a tiny trophy containing the remains of a burnt set of stumps, the stumps being the wooden things the bowler is trying to hit - quality heh!).

The Brit in me hopes this is all real as it means we might have a shot at the Ashes this year, but the conspiracy theorist in me is throwing the red flag on the field and challenging the call.

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