Put a cork in it - your search program is leaking!

Search is very successful at hitting target ROIs because of its unique targeting capabilities - its ability to '

talk to individuals with intent

' rather than simply '

shouting at the crowd


Search sits there, waiting for an individual to come along and to tell it what they want or need, and it can then respond directly with a paid search ad or some optimized content.

There is very little wastage in this model, and therefore good returns can be achieved.

But have you thought that your search program is not perfect? That your search funnel is leaking?

There are 2 main ways in which traffic / revenue is being lost, but thankfully there are 2 types of


that can be used to plug those leaks and recapture the missed opportunities.

The first leak

is prospects who are searching for the terms you care about, but who choose to not click on your ad or optimized content and instead, choose to visit a competitor website. These are individuals expressing intent relevant to you, and yet you are losing the chance to engage.


search retargeting

, you win a second chance.

Search retargetin

g works by placing display ads in front of individuals who have searched for one of your terms but has not arrived on your website. There are search retargeting technology companies that collect data on millions of searches per month and can then use that data to target those individuals through the media exchanges on your behalf.

The second leak

is prospects who click on your search ad or optimized content, visit your site, but who do not choose to convert. The obvious risk being that they don't come back and the revenue is lost.

Well thanks to

site retargeting

you can find those prospects out on the media exchanges who have left your site and try and convince them to come back and convert.

Voila, the leaks are plugged and your existing search program just became more successful.

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