Ice cream store reveals Florida's demographics

I came across this map on the wall of an ice cream parlor this weekend down in Florida, the basic idea being that you take a pin and place it on where you live. Extremely visual way to see the geographic make-up of visitors to the beaches of the Gulf.

Furthermore, I was hosted by Say Media (formerly VideoEgg) about a month ago at an event down in Napa where we listened to a speaker discuss the changing face of the Floridian population. The interesting takeaway was that the retired generation are living longer, are under more financial pressure and are often supporting the generation (or two generations) below them, creating the perfect storm of financial problems for the many thousands of people who chose to make Florida their retirement home. And this storm is actually driving them out of Florida, sending them away from retirement bliss and back to their home states to get jobs to make ends meet.

Seems an odd juxtaposition of people heading north to leave the state to go earn more money, against tourists heading south to the Gulf to spend $8 on an over-priced ice-cream.

Real or fake? (Or 'Cricket can be fun')

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