Major hole in Facebook reveals name and photo

So it turns out that there is an interesting and

major flaw in


that will reveal the name and photo of any email address in the


system - even if you have blocked that with your privacy settings!

To demonstrate I ran a test and you can see the result in this screenshot. I simply typed in my email address and the wrong password and am presented with this screen.

(I changed the email address to something I don't use any more before posting here of course).

My privacy settings are as locked down as they can be, and yet


happily reveals my full name and my profile photo. Let's see how long this lasts.

This is a


dream - if they have a list of email addresses harvested online, all they have to do is use proxies to query


and with a simple script they can add your name to their file.

Come on


, get it fixed.

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