Friday fun: Funniest logo fails [updated with link!]


is all I have to say about this week,


. (And perhaps that will be my excuse for showing you logos first sent


as far back as 2005...)

And so to lift the Friday spirits here are the

10 worst logo fails

, courtesy of @


. My favorite fail, if there is such a thing, is the London Olympics 2012 logo - it takes a little while to spot what is going on, but when you do you can not see the real logo anymore.



goes adult.

The logo was certainly controversial when it came out, and there were shouts of it growing on us all - and do you know what? It absolutely has not grown on me at all - this is going to be the image we are stuck with showing the World. Oh good.

And a quick look at some of these websites reveals that whilst the Arlington Pediatric Center has updated their logo, the


seems happy still sporting a rather 'happy' image. I did also find this train warning sticker on Google Images too, and quite frankly I have no idea what it is telling me I can or can not do!

Happy Friday people, happy Friday.

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