What do you do for work daddy? (And why we need to simplify our industry)

I am fortunate enough to have 3 girls, twins who are about to turn 7 and a little 3 year old. One of them asked me this week, 'What do you do for work daddy?'.

I was a little bit surprised when the question came as it was totally out context in that great way kids can do, I think we had been talking about ballet shoes that came stuck to the front of her comic. Maybe she thought about ballet as work for that moment and made the mental connection. Who knows!

But it did get me thinking.

Can you explain our industry and what we do in 6 year old terms? I think I failed the test! I went off talking about how if Smarties (their favourite chocolate) wanted to tell people about how great Smarties are then that's what I do. (I have nothing to do with Smarties, but I doubted she cared about hotel rooms, credit cards, car loans or petrol stations!)

Her response was awesome.

"Do you do anything else for work daddy?"

Ouch! But point taken, I don't think I made it sound exciting to a 6 year old in the slightest and the temptation to say I was a fireman, an ice dancer, a policeman or anything else that is peaking her interest right now was huge.

And I struggled because what we do tends to be over complicated, Finding ways to simplify it has been on my mind lately. Take yourself over to AdExchanger to read my latest piece on our industry and the need to simplify.

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