Video: OMMA Performance - Digital marketer's panel

On Monday of this week I had the pleasure of sitting on the Marketer's panel at OMMA Performance in San Francisco.
What are marketers trying to accomplish with their performance marketing efforts? This panel will give a group of marketers the floor to talk about their experience using performance and how their goals have changed over the years. Key takeaways, learning and advice will be abundant, so be sure to attend.
David Shor, Principal, Quillion (Moderator)
Frances Friedland, Senior Marketing Manager, Vail Resorts Inc.
Dax Hamman, VP, Display Media, iCrossing
Mary Huffman, Executive Vice President, Ionic Media
Mike Pugh, VP, Marketing, j2 Global
There are some good topics covered including metrics for performance, demand side platforms and the good old topic of attribution modeling.

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