Have your question asked at Ad Tech!

So it's Ad Tech week again in New York, seems amazing how fast these come by. This year the show is joined by Content Revenue Strategies, a show within a show. I will be moderating a panel on Thursday and this is your chance to submit a question that you would like asking to the panelists.

The panel is:

Display Advertising for Search Marketers: Banners Aren't Just for Branding Anymore

The line between text ads and display ads is getting blurrier by the minute. Google allows banners on the Google Content Network and many display advertising networks now offer CPC or CPA pricing for banner campaigns. Learn how you can use display to grab a huge volume of additional clicks and improve your existing text-based campaigns.



• Dax Hamman, VP, Display Media, iCrossing



• Roy de Souza, CEO, Zedo

• Rob Leathern, Founder and CEO, CPM Advisors

• Div Bhansali, Director, Self-Service Products, AOL Advertising

I expect the topics covered will be broad and include buying models, the changing face of media buying, the role of a media planner / buyer and of course attribution between paid and display.

But, if you would like a question asking then email me at daxhamman@gmail.com and I will ask it for you and let you know how it went - a virtual attendance!

I will also be sitting on a panel later in the day that will discuss emerging platforms. Stop by and say hi if you are the show.

Emerging Platforms: Blogs, Video, Display Ads—Are They Right for Your Marketing?

iPhone ads, YouTube-promoted videos and widgets are no longer fringe marketing vehicles. Many advertisers are shifting budget to these contextual units as a way to diversify their media spend and also drive positive ROI. Find out whether your business should be leveraging these emerging platforms now and in the future.



• Saar Gur, Partner, Charles River Ventures


• Mani Iyer, CEO and Founder, Kwanzoo Inc.

• Steen Andersson, Co-Founder and VP, Marketing, 5th Finger

• Jennifer Hyman, Head of Business Marketing, YouTube

• Dax Hamman, VP, Display Media, iCrossing

The Blizzard of AAHs

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