New Google Tool to Analyze Display Impact on Search

I was delighted to hear news of Google's new tool,

Google Campaign Insights

, as announced on the

Google Agency Blog

. Essentially,

this tool demonstrates the uplift a display campaign has on your search program

in a clear and simple way.

This is important because

we know from

recent industry reports

that the vast majority of display clicks are being generated by the


of online users, but that online users are positively influenced by a display campaign.

In combination, that data tells us that the view-through (or PI - Post Impression) effect is critical to success measurement of display. However, this remains a contentious point with marketers, the debate centering on the difficulty in knowing if PI revenue is truly incremental.

We therefore need to look for quantifiable metrics to prove PI value

and one such way to do this is to run a full

attribution modelling

exercise, something we know is not always simple (as identified



So Google's new offering is interesting because for the first time

we get a simple way to monitor the influence of display activity, quantified by the impact on search


Google Campaign Insights assesses the effect of your display campaign on users' likelihood to search or visit relevant sites. Using a test and control methodology, the behavior of users exposed to a campaign is compared to a control group not exposed to the same campaign. This allows us to measure the incremental life that can be attributed directly to the campaign, even if traditional ads are running at the same time.

As always, there are limitations. There is an entry point of a $100k spend on the Google Content Network alone, a big commitment for a media placement not already tested by most brands and agencies, and that we are only benchmarking the impact of the Google Network on search, not your entire program.

However, this is quick, simple and looks effective and we will be testing it with iCrossing clients in the near future.

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