German RTL TV station behind fake MJ video

As a society we do seem to love a good conspiracy theory, and something as big as Michael Jackson's death was inevitably going to be followed by some interesting ideas. As it turns out though, his death has had enough mystery of its own as to limit the crazies from claiming he died from an overzealous alien anal probe. (If you haven't heard it then check our Newton Faulkner's "UFO" tune - tongue in cheek song about being kidnapped by aliens!)

One video that did the rounds soon after MJ's passing though was of him climbing out the back of the corner's van alive and well. The source remained a mystery until recently when RTL, a German TV station, admitted they were the source, and that it was an 'experiment'.

It has had over 1.2m views and almost 5,000 comment on YouTube alone - the best comment goes to "TheBibs" for saying "Quick!! Reverse!! Reverse!!"

RTL now say they have taken the video down, but let's be honest, a video can not be taken down from the Internet. Once its out, its out. And I am sure that's what RTL wanted. Credit to them, it was a bit of fun and interesting to see how it spread around the world. What's also worth noting is how fast people created their own content to prove it was a fake - check out this video response which includes samples of comments including a 10 yr old girl asking people not to hate Germans because of RTL!

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