We've got the measure of this campaign

I had the pleasure last night of seeing my first major league ball game, the Red Sox at



. They have been on a huge winning streak and have had 500 home game sellouts in a row.

The marketers of the Red Sox sponsors have of course noticed and there were at least 5 or 6 giveaways of anything from pizza tokens to discount gasoline cards. Our area of the stadium lucked out (?) and got 200

Stanley 'Fat Max' measuring tapes


These photos are the result, the effect was amazing. Within seconds someone had the idea of winding it out and waving it about, and 199 people followed suit.

I have no idea if Stanley planned this, but it certainly created a spontaneous spectacle.

The organisers certainly didn't consider it though, and spent the next 30 minutes telling us off, and eventually called the police up to our section to stare menacingly at us.

It just goes to show that if you work with your fans and give them the tools, it is often them who will come up with the coolest things to do with them. Now, we just need to work out how we would measure its success ;-)

Brilliant video on client / vendor relationships

Will you look after my box?