Bionic Man DIY Project

Somebody has to be first right?

This guy has embedded an RFID radio identification chip into his hand so he can unlock his gun cabinet without using keys or waving his RFID keychain at it. What's more, he used a damn big needle and got a friend to do it for him!

Hmm. More than a few questionable parts to this story (and having recently been to see Dan Hoyle's new play, "Right?", I now have an American stereotype in my head of why a gun owner might be the first to try this).

But the ease at which this was done, and the marginally useful function it provides, is an interesting insight into where this could go. These things are cheap to make and also cheap to add to the product you want to interact with and so every manufacturer is going to consider this at some point - so perhaps the smart money is on making the first "Personal Identifier" so that you have just one in your body and can give the details to anyone you want.

We could all be walking into car showrooms in a few years time and instead of picking up the keys, be telling the sales person our RFID number so the car will recognise us?

Interesting to read some of the comments on YouTube and different people's tolerances to the privacy and personal security issues this brings. In the UK we still have a backlash against ID cards because of privacy concerns and so I cant imagine my fellow Brits embracing this in the near future. But tolerances have a habit of changing once something stops being a novelty opening up a lot of new possibilities.

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