Something original in traditional media

I was very happy to see a new campaign from land in my inbox a few minutes ago. It is a series of 3 sixty-second TV ads running one after another, but across 3 channels. The idea is you begin on ITV at 9:50, jump to Channel 4 at 9:51 and end up on Five at 9:52.

Working for a digital agency I spend 90% of my time working on digital budgets, and whilst this often involves planning integration with offline, I don't often get chance to plan traditional campaigns these days.

This is a nice reminder that originality is alive and well in all channels, and, oh look... an offline TV campaign is generating online buzz right here. Hmm.

Nice campaign idea, best of luck LM, hope it works.

Now if I was Channel Five I would be giving this away for not a lot of money given that success for LM means an audience will have been 'dragged' from ITV, through Channel 4 and left to settle at 5. I would imagine a smart sales person at ITV asking for a countdown of 5,4,3 rather than the opposite of 3,4,5 !

Nice "you must be registered" message

How did I piss off China??