Your (e)shadow is following you

I read a great post on Antony Mayfield's blog called "Let he who is without a web shadow cast the first stone", and I have wanted a reason to re-post or discuss since. Antony discusses how applicants for Obama's team are being scrutinised online to ensure they have nothing that may embarrass their new leader.

Antony then references an earlier post "Web shadows: Looking after ourselves online" in which he talks about how just like a shadow always follows you, so can your actions online.

We need to not only be aware of what our web shadows are, but how we affect them through all of our everyday actions. Sometimes when people want to know more about you, the shadow is all they will see.

Very true. I then came across an article today on Sky News about a truly stupid move by a young Conservative who posted a message on his Facebook page saying he was looking for a Madeleine McCann costume, read the full article here. Apart from being highly insensitive, it was also a remarkably ignorant thing to do. His online shadow has come crashing into his real life and has cost him his dreams of becoming a Conservative MP.

An Antony discusses, the life skills that people must learn and know for success now include the management of your online persona to avoid such incidents.

Be aware, I have searched for every job applicant online that has sat in front of me, checked their Facebook pages, LinkedIn,, FriendsReunited etc. In one incident I had a young graduate say he was done with travelling and was ready to pursue a career full-time, whereas his FriendsReunited page said he was back for 6 months to earn some decent money and was then going to f*** off again to Oz.

Gadget lovers take note!

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