I was sacrificed for a burger !! [UPDATED]

You think you know who your friends are, and then one day something happens that makes you realise that perhaps they aren't what you thought.

Today I was sacrificed for a Whopper Burger *sob*.

Neil Cains

, I name and shame you!

The program works by

installing a Facebook application

and then selecting 10 friends to be deleted. If you do so, and if you are US-based, you get a voucher for a free Whopper.

With so many Facebook applications being produced, it is extremely difficult to get attention.

Burger King

have achieved it with something totally different, the

Whopper Sacrifice

, and at the time of writing, the number of friends sacrificed has just passed the 52,000 mark.

Burger King have a good record of viral campaigns with the

Subservient Chicken

and the more recent (and questionable)

Whopper Virgins


So now I have found some good viral campaigns, perhaps I should go find some good friends *sob*.


Facebook has now disabled the application. Reasons cited say that FB put restrictions on Burger King as to how the application can and can't work. The company felt that it would compromise what they were trying to achieve and decided to conclude the campaign instead. Perhaps a very smart move as the story of it being disabled is making it into mainstream news sites.

The site has a message saying it's been disabled and that almost 234,000 friends were sacrificed in total.

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