Can of worms?!

Ever experienced that feeling where you think you have opened up a can of worms? Last week I wrote a blog post about Phorm. In response to that I have since been involved in a long and healthy debate with many people, forums, phone calls and emails. There is clearly a lot of people who are deeply passionate about this topic, and rightfully so.

There are of course 2 sides to each story, and both should be considered.

Visit the Phorm site by clicking here to read about their innovation, ideas and technologies.

Visit the BadPhorm site to learn about the concerns some people have about this and similar companies.

As I am now in the lucky position of going on holiday for 10 days I placed my last post on this topic to the forum today and thought I would share it with you here too, see below.

If nothing else, the number of visitors to my blog has gone through the roof!




Summary post placed on


This has been a fascinating debate, and clearly one that involves a lot of passion.

I am disappearing on holiday for ten days and so will be unlikely to be contributing further for a while. Ten days with no connection is frightening and liberating!!

I will try and keep an eye on things and post updates to


.com where appropriate.

Following all this discussion, I want to reiterate my stance on


, or any other similar technology that exists now or in the future. And can I please remind everyone that whilst it is my team who would ultimately use this technology, during this discussion the opinions expressed are my own and no decision has yet been made by


as to whether this technology is suitable for us.

So my position:



looks interesting from the perspective of targeted advertising

2. I will be evaluating it as part of my search for innovative ad technologies on behalf of the agency and our clients

3. I believe in knowing all the facts and taking a balanced approach. I have heard a lot from people who are very much against


through this forum, through my blog (


.com) and through several emails. I have had very basic info from


yet and they will have an opportunity to come in and present their company and future offering fully in August. There are several more questions I have for them now and will be asking them.

4. I am neither for or against


at this stage.

5. I believe there are consumer concerns that must be factored in, but I do not 100% agree with all of the concerns that have been highlighted to me. But as discussed in part of this thread, each of us have different risk profiles. I also believe that consumers in general terms can often be swayed on things like privacy and will want to form (forgive the pun) my own opinion as to whether the consumer attitude (as recently


in a survey by New media Age) is likely to be long standing or a snapshot in time.

6. As a digital agency


is involved with some of the world's largest brands. These brands have content that is valuable to them for a variety of reasons. I will want to understand how this value may be compromised, if indeed that is the case, by technologies like



7. And finally as a consumer, whilst I have no issue with it at this time, I am in a fortunate position to be able to have a informed opinion going forward.

8. I may or may not post my thoughts on


after my meeting with them for obvious confidentiality reasons, and these processes take time and no snap decision will ever be made about a new technology.

Thank you all, it has been fascinating.


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