Media Planning & Buying is flawed

Bold statement, and so allow me to elaborate.

Marketers poured money into online advertising opportunities initially because it was this great new channel that allowed interaction and was actually accountable. No more would they not know which 50% of their spend was wasted because they could report on ROI. Roll forward several years and the model and opportunity continues to evolve with the smartest marketers realising online isn't a 'channel'; essentially there are smart opportunities to have engagement.

Media planners treated online as a channel in those early days and most continue to do so, and in fact, most of the large media agencies are too large for their own good to evolve quickly enough even if they can see it.

This leaves us with a methodology designed in offline and not properly evolved for the online opportunities.

These problems are:

  • Lack of consideration of other marketing activities especially search
  • Based primarily on geographic, demographic and socio-economic audience data
  • Planner has preferred partners, publishers and ad networks
  • Wasted budget on big brand tier A websites
  • Limited research and therefore weaker strategy
  • Client is not treated as a partner in the strategy
  • Creative is not aligned with conversation
  • Multiple points of contact and report formats

These problems can be overcome by embracing data and have a formal research methodology that calls for every site on a plan to justify its addition, and also to start by analysing the network that your client's site exists within and then backwards-matching against audience profile.

More to come, but this space is hot.


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