What is the ideal client?

I was in a great pitch last Wednesday that I really enjoyed mainly because we were presenting to a room full of smart people who were prepared to engage in debate about what we were saying rather than just sit and listen.

In response to the question of ‘what do you look for in an ideal agency’ there were the expected comments about reporting, partnerships, value etc, but they were followed up by a question of what do we as the agency look for in a client.

What a great question for a prospect to ask, and it really got me thinking.

I am fortunate to work for a


that can say no to a prospect if we have good reason to, and I have seen it be done a couple of times over the last few months (mainly for reasons such as it’s an impossible request or budgets not large enough), but the point is it can and does happen. This allows a degree of freedom when it comes to picking our clients. Of course commercially we are not in the habit of turning away business, and so like all companies we have to work with clients that we both like and don’t like for a variety of reasons.

And so when answering a question like this perhaps you have to reconsider it and ask yourself ‘what traits do you like most about your clients’.

For me it’s an alignment of core values; our company believes passionately in being ethical, useful and innovative. If a client is willing to work that same way then together we can produce the best results in a proper partnership. It also allows us to have some fun and experiment with new ideas.


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