Email Marketing 1 - Opting In

What better place to start this new series than by talking about how people are going to opt-in to your database.

Often an overlooked element of any program but critical to your overall database size and its ongoing quality.

:: Keep it simple – have you tested if your target audience understands your terminology?

:: What do you need to know – it is common to see newsletter forms ask for a date of birth. This is very personal information that many people associate with security. Do you really need it? Is it adding value to your marketing activities to have it?

:: Be honest – spell out very clearly what type of content you are going to send. If you only talk about great content but don’t mention the 60% of the content that’s adverts then new subscribers are likely to leave soon after.

:: Say ‘Thank You’ – if you ask them to trust you by giving you their email address, the least you can do is thank them! Actually, there are other benefits too, including a space to up-sell & cross-sell, and to get them familiar with seeing your ‘from name’ in their Inbox.

:: Deliver on your promises – if you promise a fun-packed, content rich weekly newsletter but only send an intermittent content poor, advert-packed newsletter then your new subscribers will not stick around for long

:: Good example – HP show a screenshot of the latest edition of their newsletter on the signup page. This offers the visitor a chance to see exactly what they will get and decide if they want to join.

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