Crossing The Swaziland Border, With My Ex In The Trunk?

After my previous adventure in South Africa with the kids (Three Little Ladies and a Lion), next up was a mission to add another country to their list of places visited. South Africa actually borders four countries, but Namibia was too far away, they had already been to Botswana (I Once Met a Witch in Botswana), and Zimbabwe and Mozambique were just too dangerous.....

Three Little Ladies And A Lion

I had taken the girls to a little game reserve in South Africa that sat along the edge of Crocodile River, which runs for part of its route through the Kruger National Park. If you have seen wildlife documentaries or Disney movies, think back to the scene where all the animals come together at the same time to drink from the same water source - that was what greeted us there. Elephants, giraffe, cranes, crocodiles, springbok.... and as it turned out, a lion.

I Once Met a Witch in Botswana

Some time later we went back for another visit, this time after the rainy season had begun. The first surprise was that the car we had left there now had a front wheel entirely encased in a termite mound, and was set like concrete, all the rubber dutifully eaten away.....

An Update on The Online Safety Group - will you help?

A few months ago I created a parenting resource called the Online Safety Group. As the father of 4 daughters, and as an ad tech veteran, I was particularly concerned with their online privacy, how they would be tracked, and how easy it is to be lured into the darker side of the web.