I am a passionate creator. Today that manifests itself as 'hello gordon' my latest venture, focused on disrupting the estate planning industry. Prior it was Chango, where we did some really interesting stuff in the advertising technology space.

I love to do speaking events. Typically that is at conferences related to advertising & marketing, but also all sorts of events related to online safety for kids, or the future impact of technology on the world and society. Contact me about your conference, after dinner events or private corporate event.

I farm unicorns. Lots of people have ideas, some good, some bad. We help you identify and grow the $million ones at http://TheUnicornFarmer.com

I can help educate. I am an expert in the ad tech space. I offer private Q&A sessions for brands and agencies, typically a half day, and with the understanding that "there is no such thing as a stupid question".

I advise great companies on a consultancy basis, or as an active advisor or board member. I limit these relationships to ensure I can give them what they need, but reach out to discuss what you are looking for, and we will see if there is a good match.

I can help choose. The ad tech world has become absurd, and is just getting worse. I have been deep in that world for 10 years, and can help your company or agency choose the right vendors and partners.

I want to keep your kids safe. I have a passion project called Online Safety Group, the goal being to educate parents about the dangers their children face by growing up in a connected, technology-driven world. Please check it out and help share this important message:

  • http://online-safety-group.com
  • http://twitter.com/thinkosg

I believe in the power of a tribe. To help people achieve their goals, we built an app called Tribal, and right now you can sign up for early VIP access at http://Tribal.help.

You can find more of me at:

My bio:

Founder & CEO of hello gordon Inc., and Bulldog Corp.. Co-founder of 4 awesome daughters.

Fascinated by the future and how technology can bring positive disruption to human society and relationships.

Product is my thing. I specialize in understanding the needs of consumers and businesses, and finding interesting & innovative ways that technology can help solve for them. As a startup guy, I focus on making dollars from highly focused products; maximum impact from minimal investment. 

Passionate writer and speaker, primarily on topics related to business, product, marketing / advertising, and online safety.

Before hello gordon and Bulldog Corp, I co-founded an ad tech company (Chango), with a successful exit to the Rubicon Project ($RUBI).